CygnusOS, the ROM mainly focused on stability with an etiquette philosophy of perfectionism in mind started off not much long ago has succeeded in winning a great userbase. In a short period of time, the ROM has got immensely popular for it’s studious motive. We focus on what you need rather than what looks cool on paper.

As pointed out by critics, it might seem like we are very slow, at least in consideration with the fact that every other ROM releases a lot more builds in the time we take to release a single build; we just started, we want to make sure we get it right. We don’t want the “ME FIRST” triumph, on top of the fact that the ROM in itself is very new, which makes way for introspection of every aspect of the ROM in every update, evolving to serve you better, thus making it a little slow but we will be catching the speed moving along, again, we just started.

We are pleased to introduce the blog, where we’ll be posting news that matter, consider this blog a timeline of our journey and not a mere collection of changelogs.

If you’re building CygnusOS unofficially for your device and would like to make it official, contact us and make sure the device doesn’t have any official maintainer yet.

Stay tuned

Hyperterminal Reborn.

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